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Rent - a - Captain

offers a unique Lake Murray small business offering the following Services:


  Imagine spending a day...or evening...on your boat, without having to worry about driving her.  Our US Coast Guard Licensed Captains will take you out on your vessel, and allow you to host, relax, enjoy the sun, or the nightlife, without the worry about getting your family and boat home safe!


  Rent-a-Captain will move your boat, jet ski, or other water-bound craft around Lake Murray.  If you need a boat or vessel on another part of the Lake, our Captains will shuttle it for you.


It has happened to all of us - you catch a ride out on a boat for a day of fun in the sun, and halfway through the day, you need to get back home - and asking a boat full of friends to head back early so you can jump off is never an easy conversation.

Our Water Taxi Service makes it easy to get you back to your car.  Simply drop a pin to your location, and our Captain will come pick you up, and bring you to your car, house, or even another boat.

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Rent-a-Captain is operated by Captain Tyler Ryan, a US Coast Guard Certified Captain.  Captain Tyler is also certified in CPR, first aid, and basic life saving.  He is also a Master SCUBA Diver, and serves as a Lieutenant for the Newberry County Water Rescue Dive Team.

  You can contact Captain Tyler directly:

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